Cahoot eCommerce Order Fulfillment Network offers nationwide 1-day and 2-day coverage and affordable same-day fulfillment Mon-Sat. Cahoot integrates seamlessly with all eCommerce sales channels, including; Amazon, BigCommerce, eBay, Facebook Marketplace, Google Shopping, Instagram, Shopify, Magento, Walmart, Wish, and more. Cahoot offers drastically lower fulfillment fees because it enables merchants to store and ship the merchandise for each other. This novel peer-to-peer business model also allows merchants to make extra money using their existing warehouse space and personnel.

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ELEXtensions offers multiple plugins to integrate the services of popular shipping carriers with online stores running on WooCommerce. Rates and services of USPS, DHL, UPS, FedEx, Canada Post & Australia Post can be integrated easily using our plugins. In addition, ELEX WooCommerce Shipping plugins offer assistance in parcel packing, shipment label printing, providing tracking information, etc. We also offer plugins to conditionally disable shipping methods on WooCommerce, as well as to validate shipping addresses.

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Harvey Software

Harvey Software's CPS shipping software provides a comprehensive, cost-efficient shipping system supporting seamless, multi-carrier parcel logistics requirements. CPS benefits include printing carrier compliant shipping labels, data integration options, management reporting capabilities and fast package processing. CPS’ price and performance attract both smaller and larger shippers, including many Fortune 500 organizations.

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Fulfillrite specializes in providing ecommerce order fulfillment services for small to medium sized businesses. We offer simple, fast order fulfillment services and integrate with all major shopping cart platforms. We also provide complete order fulfillment and shipping services for crowdfunding projects from Kickstarter and Indiegogo.

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Ordoro is an ecommerce logistics platform for managing all matters order-related, from shipping and inventory to supplier management and multichannel analytics. With an open API and integrations with all major marketplaces and shopping-cart platforms, Ordoro helps merchants streamline their order workflow throughout all of their sales channels so they can focus on growing their business, rather than maintaining it. We offer tools to monitor inventory levels, manage fulfillment in-house or through a 3PL, bundle products and reduce shipping costs.

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PC Synergy

PC Synergy is the leading supplier of automation to retail mail and parcel centers as well as a solution provider for the auction consignment industry. PostalMate, a comprehensive yet easy to use shipping solution, provides automation solutions for shipping DHL, FedEx, UPS and USPS. Included with PostalMate is CashMate+ a complete point-of-sale, accounts receivable and mailbox management system.

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ReadyCloud is a suite of connected systems designed to improve the way you work. Shipping, Returns, Growth Marketing and more are all connected through ReadyCloud for better communications from Admin to Operations.

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ShippingEasy offers online retailers cloud based shipping software, integrating directly with their online stores, marketplaces and inventory systems. A multi-carrier system, boasting exceptional service - with extended hour telephone support - discounted USPS rates (CPP), automation and real time tracking in a clean design purpose-built for ecommerce. Packed with powerful features including batch processing, mapping rules, 1 click returns and endless printing capabilities, ShippingEasy can be accessed from any computer or internet ready device anywhere - no download required.

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ShipEngine is a multi-carrier shipping platform that caters to e-commerce platforms, logistics/ fulfillment professionals, and independent e-commerce brands. ShipEngine's robust set of shipping APIs enables developers to build custom workflows within their own platforms and streamline the fulfillment process with real-time label generation, rate quoting, parcel tracking, and address validation.

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Shippo connects you to USPS, FedEx, UPS, and many more shipping carriers from one place. Print discounted shipping labels, rate shop, track shipments, and manage orders with ease. For 5 cents per shipment, Shippo powers businesses of all sizes through our API and integrations with Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and many other platforms.

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Want the best insurance with the lowest markups in the industry? ShipSaver offers the lowest price on the highest quality insurance, through Shipsurance. ShipSaver also allows you to insure (bulk insure too!) and manage insurance purchases with ease. Have a claim? No problem, you can file a claim and manage the process directly through ShipSaver. Want to save money on USPS shipping labels also? We have no monthly fee's and allow you to print USPS labels at the lowest price in the industry. You only pay for the postage you use. Insure, ship, and manage with ShipSaver.

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ShipRite Software Inc.

ShipRite Software, Inc., provides software solutions for a broad range of retail and commercial applications. We provide these solutions for Mail and Parcel Stores, General Retail stores, small to medium size shippers and University Mail operations.

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ShipStation allows multi-channel sellers to cut their shipping time in half by automating shipping labels, order management, and customer communication. ShipStation also provides discounts on USPS Priority and Express Mail of up to 20% off retail rates. Many rates beat Commercial Plus pricing!

For more information about ShipStation and a free trial, visit their web site. offers the first ever on-demand shipping and receiving department. From one central Web site and phone number, businesses of all sizes can manage their receiving, storage, packing, and shipping on-demand, at a much lower cost than owning a warehouse.

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Shopify Shipping

Shopify Shipping is a built-in shipping solution that makes it easier, cheaper, and faster for store owners on Shopify to fulfill their orders. Shopify Shipping partners with carriers such as USPS, UPS, DHL Express, and Canada Post to offer discounted shipping rates. Enjoy features like multi-label purchase and printing, shipping presets, included insurance, and shipment tracking—all in one place.

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Teapplix automates, organizes and manages shipping, inventory tracking and QuickBooks integration for small and medium-sized businesses operating on the eBay, Amazon,, Sears marketplace and other commerce platforms. Our web application makes shipping and accounting faster, easier and less expensive than the alternatives, saving small business owners time, energy and money. Teapplix offers discount shipping insurance powered by Shipsurance.

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Did you know every FedEx and UPS shipment comes with a money-back guarantee if delivered late by 60 seconds or more? 71lbs' fast and automated shipping refunds service ensures you never miss another due refund.

  • Shipping accounts are monitored for late deliveries
  • Claims for refunds are automatically filed on your behalf
  • Refunds get credited back to your shipping accounts
  • No sign-up fee, monthly dues or contract

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Fastpack Packaging

Fastpack Packaging offers a large selection of packaging and low, discount pricing.

Save 5% on your order when you follow this link and use Coupon Code "ship16surance".

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Associated Mail & Business Centers (AMBC), formerly AMPC, is the national trade association for the mail and parcel industry. Their primary purpose is to serve as the information source for it's thousands of members and those seeking to open a mail and parcel center. Established in 1982, AMBC has helped thousands of stores become more profitable and easier to operate.

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